a new day

Are you your own worst critic, because I surely know I am.  For weeks I was obsessing over how to revamp this blog, and up until today was not happy with any of the designs that I produced.  This really sucked because I have no problem cranking out design layouts for everyone else, but have the hardest time doing so for myself.  The problem is that I am exposed to so much inspiration that picking a theme and committing can seem impossible.  But after designing 5 different headers, tweaking some CSS, and playing with color schemes I finally … {FINALLY} … created something that I am very pleased with.  So lo and behold the new KSS Inspired blog.

Ahh yes … I am feeling a sense of accomplishment today, as I will now be able to share insanely beautiful/cool inspiration and projects in the world of interior/event/fashion/graphic {design} almost every single day.  I must note, however, that just like everything in life, this blog (and our official website) is a work in progress, so you may see some minor changes in the future (we’re still tweaking some CSS.)   However, today felt like a success and tomorrow will be even better with a fresh post about our End of Summer Dinner.

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As much as I’d love to be on vacation right now, I unfortunately am not.  So what’s the reason for my hiatus, you ask??  Well I got married in June (spent 2 weeks in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) and when I came back I jumped right into starting my business.  This past month I’ve been contracted by various clients to do a slew of design projects, which means, I seriously have so many design goodies to share!


However, before I bust out the goods,  I think this blog needs some revamping . . . you know,  to represent the new company Kim Sharper Studio.  So over the next few days in between designing logos, invitations, and websites for other clients, I’ll be working on cleaning this blog up.  And once finished, I’ll start posting and sharing wedding pics, design projects, inspiration . . . the whole 9.


Come back soon . . .

radiant gradient

Color evolving.

Image from Martha Stewart.

smells so glorious

My obsession with perfume and fragrant lotions and soaps began when I was 14 years old.  I would take money received from allowance, birthdays, and holidays, and head straight to my local Bath & Body Works.  I collected just about all of their scents, but my all time favorite was Cucumber Melon.

Since then, I have graduated from B&BW to a full fledged designer perfume junkie.  Now my wishlists are filled with perfume from designers such as Bvlgari (btw, I need to restock on Jasmine Noir), Missoni, Chanel, and Kate Spade (naturally!)

Currently, I’ve been wearing Gucci’s Flora scent, and so far, it’s been the perfect scent for Spring . . . but I’ve got my eyes on the next fragrance for Summer.

I was considering trying Tom Ford’s White Patchouli, which seems to be the sister fragrance to his Black Orchid and my go to fragrance in the fall of 2010, but then  . . . I came across this:

Neroli Portofino, which is a limited edition and exclusive to Neiman Marcus,  is described as citrus oils, floral notes, and amber undertones.   A must-have for summer!

Neroli Portofino @ Neiman Marcus.

colors of cabo

spicy colors and graphic patterns.  i love!

missoni bathing suit – net-a-porter.com

mexican wedding – stylemepretty.com

glass bottles – lunabazaar.com

viva la mexico

I’m inspired by Mexico, so this week is dedicated to all things vibrant and graphic!

Vase – Emilia Ceramics


Tear Sheetunknown


I had the pleasure of taking a little stroll around Lake Geneva in Montreux with my fiance.  The weather was perfect (not too cold) and there were so many beautiful flowers in bloom.

I was so excited to see the Poppies live in action.  They’re one of my favorite flowers, and we will be using them for our wedding.