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be prepared

It’s smart to have thank you cards in stock at your home or office … especially if you have a lot of sweet friends and family members willing to do favors at the drop of a dime.

Fine Day Letterpress “Gracias” card


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guess what?

This is not a paid advertisement.  I am just really excited that Zara.com now offers shipping!!

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Are you your own worst critic, because I surely know I am.  For weeks I was obsessing over how to revamp this blog, and up until today was not happy with any of the designs that I produced.  This really sucked because I have no problem cranking out design layouts for everyone else, but have the hardest time doing so for myself.  The problem is that I am exposed to so much inspiration that picking a theme and committing can seem impossible.  But after designing 5 different headers, tweaking some CSS, and playing with color schemes I finally … {FINALLY} … created something that I am very pleased with.  So lo and behold the new KSS Inspired blog.

Ahh yes … I am feeling a sense of accomplishment today, as I will now be able to share insanely beautiful/cool inspiration and projects in the world of interior/event/fashion/graphic {design} almost every single day.  I must note, however, that just like everything in life, this blog (and our official website) is a work in progress, so you may see some minor changes in the future (we’re still tweaking some CSS.)   However, today felt like a success and tomorrow will be even better with a fresh post about our End of Summer Dinner.

images: 1,2,3,4,5

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I had the pleasure of taking a little stroll around Lake Geneva in Montreux with my fiance.  The weather was perfect (not too cold) and there were so many beautiful flowers in bloom.

I was so excited to see the Poppies live in action.  They’re one of my favorite flowers, and we will be using them for our wedding.

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one year and counting

It has been officially one year to the day that I created Kim Sharper Inspired. The blog started as a project blog to showcase all of my design projects, but soon transcended into a blog where I can store style inspiration.  Initially, my goal was to post 5 days a week, but now I only post when I come across something that is truly inspiring (which is usually once a week.)

Interestingly, I rarely do any advertising for my blog.  At this point, I’m not concerned with the amount of traffic that’s generated, or making money by putting banner advertisements all over the home page; I can make money elsewhere.  This blog is truly to discover a little bit about myself and my style through my projects and the works of others.  However, I am appreciative for those that stumble across Kim Sharper Inspired and find inspiration for their personal style as well.

What’s in store for 2011?

While I will still search the online world for design inspiration and post my finds, Kim Sharper Inspired will revert to primarily being a project blog, due to the many events that will occur in 2011.  In February, I’ll be doing a little stint in Switzerland, I’m getting married in June (so will have plenty of DIY projects to post), and I’m still working on a major project, The Wardrobe Book, which I blogged a little bit about before.  Nonetheless, I’m super excited and already a little exhausted in 2011!

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Packing boxes is in my near future.

Our lease is up towards the end of this month, and I have a slightest idea where we will be living thereafter.  My Fiance is waiting for the best Basketball offer from his agent in Cyprus.   Right now, it’s a game of negotiations and we’re crossing our fingers that all works out for the best.

It could be back to Israel, or somewhere new, like Sweden or Germany.  Or it could be very close to where we are now in good ole’ Danville, California.

Anxiously waiting.

Photos from Anthropologie.com

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my apologies

I took too long of a break from blogging, and It can’t/won’t happen again.  Unfortunately, a few projects and wedding planning has kept me away from posting, but I promise myself to not let this happen again.   : )

*card is from Etsy – find it here

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