tiny bites

Thanks to camillestyles.com for sharing this hip little recipe book, Bite by Bite by Peter Callahan.  This book is truly a must have for all event planners and home entertainers:

Who wouldn’t love sampling a variety of small plates?  

Margaritas in mini patron bottles, and tiny fish tacos to match!
Knowing that this book would be a great addition to our creative library at the studio, I just purchased a copy.  You too, can buy here.


Here, at Kim Sharper Studio, we like to make things easy for our clients.  Our graphic design and production process, is simple as pie — just  tell us what your looking for and we’ll start by giving you some options.  Here’s an example of seven invitation drafts that we submitted to a client:

Once our client gave us feedback as to which direction to take, we finalized the design to perfect their invitation, and designed programs and banners to coordinate with their theme.  Here’s the final:

Banner Photo- J. Michael Tucker Photographers

take a seat

Looks like Italian fashion house Marni and I had the same colorful idea for seating at our events:

Marni’s pillows in an array of fabrics @ their Spring 2012 Fashion Show –

Our hand stitched pillows made from Indian Sari’s, from my June 2011 wedding –

Image 1 – theglamourai.com

Image 2 – personal files

weekend food fest.

The San Francisco/Bay Area houses one of the most vibrant and unique culinary scenes in the country.  We have a multitude of great restaurants, farmer’s markets, and food festivals.

This past weekend Oakland hosted its annual Eat Real Festival, and since I kept hearing about this event, I decided to attend.

The air was a bit chilly, but I could not complain because 1.  It was packed with people and there was plenty of body heat to go around, and  2.  the special sauce served with my cornbread corndog was so spicy, I think it permanently increased my body temperature by 10 degrees.

And, as if I wasn’t stuffed from the festival, I decided to go home and try a new drink recipe, called a Honey Rye: 

This drink dons the perfect colors for fall, and while the whiskey was a bit strong for me (I had to water it down with more ice and ginger ale than the recipe calls for)  the warm flavor from the honey liqueur was really good, and perfect for a brisk night.  Actually, honey liqueur is really popular in Israel, which is great, since my husband and I will be spending our holidays in Tel Aviv.  Here’s the recipe.

be prepared

It’s smart to have thank you cards in stock at your home or office … especially if you have a lot of sweet friends and family members willing to do favors at the drop of a dime.

Fine Day Letterpress “Gracias” card

guess what?

This is not a paid advertisement.  I am just really excited that Zara.com now offers shipping!!

end of summer fete

I have some really talented cooks in my family …  I mean they seriously get down in the kitchen.  However, I unfortunately did not get that cooking gene.  So, when my family decided to pull together and cook a casual dinner for friends and family this past Labor Day weekend I had to figure out how I was going to contribute.   Knowing that I’m not quite the chef, I did a Lebron, and decided to take my talents elsewhere.  I decided to decorate {naturally} and try a few drink recipes {because I swear I was a bartender in my past life.}

The fete was going to be casual – friends and family members invited to my parent’s home to enjoy some grilled, southern, and Italian dishes.

Keeping the theme in mind, I designed floral arrangements and table linens to match the occasion.  The color scheme {dusty lavender + creamy white + robin’s egg blue + marigold} was inspired by nature’s flowers during this time of year in September – slightly dried and/or yellowed.

A mix of ivory ceramic plates, gold chargers and flatware, aubergine wine glasses, and clear fleur-de-lys tumblers to serve drinks in, looked fresh and lovely.  {Some of these items will be available for rent at our event rental boutique.}  I also bought fabric at the local fabric store and stitched up some table runners and dinner napkins because there was no need to spend an arm and a leg on pretty linens for such a casual get together.

For the drinks – I wanted to make lavender lemonade, but could not find culinary lavender locally at the time.  Now I know to order here next time.   I stocked up on Limoncello {for after dinner}, and made basil lemonade and the best blackberry sangria ever:

We had a lot of fun eating, sipping drinks, and chattin’.  It was such a nice way to wrap up the summer and get ready for the next phase in our lives …  Fall 2011.